Different Styles of Yoga

Different Styles of Yoga

The 7 Different Styles of Yoga

Yoga practice allows you to pick a style that suits your body type, mood, duration, age, place, physical or other issues. Whether you desire a more physically demanding session or a gentle, peaceful, meditative class, there are many different forms of yoga to choose from.

This short read will explain a little bit about the different styles of yoga so that you can decide which one will be the most beneficial for you. Remember, yoga is more than simply a full-body workout, one must focus on breathing during the entire practice and stay in each posture for at least 5 counts to enjoy its benefits. Needless to say, you will be burning calories, toning muscles, getting stronger and gaining mobility with every yoga practice.  

While physical and mental health are natural benefits of yoga, the goal of yoga is more far-reaching! You'll notice different teachers have different teaching styles and methodology and techniques used differ slightly from one another. Trying a few different styles and teachers before settling on one will improve your overall yoga experience and push you to step beyond your comfort zone. 

The following are some examples of distinct yoga styles:


It combines a sequence of fundamental motions with breathing and is the most often associated style of yoga.


A set of positions that flow into one another seamlessly, and it's also known as "flow"


A quicker, higher-intensity workout that helps you gain muscle.


A set of positions that are paired with a unique breathing method.


It's a series of 26 challenging positions done in a room heated to a high temperature, and it's also known as "hot yoga."


Blocks, belts, and chairs are used as props to help you shift your body into appropriate alignment.

Yin Yang

The poses are held for a long period of time, three to five minutes or longer, to lengthen the connective tissues and increase flexibility, rather than gain muscles.

We hope that these styles will help guide you in your journey of yoga


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