How to care for a Cork Yoga Mat

How to care for a Cork Yoga Mat

Cork is a sustainable natural material that is utilised in many aspects of our daily lives, from wine stoppers to fashion, and from insulation to yoga mats. Cork is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is stripped of its bark every 9 years. It's crucial to note that this procedure does not hurt the tree, and cork oaks absorb more carbon dioxide in their stripped condition than they would otherwise.

Cork yoga mats offer natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This implies that any bacteria that makes its way onto a cork mat will be unable to survive. As a result, keeping them clean and in good condition is a breeze!

Because cork yoga mats are self-cleaning, the regular mat washing procedure is not required.

How to clean the Cork Yoga Mat

Use cold water and a gentle towel to clean a cork yoga mat. It's best to avoid using any mat cleansers that contain essential oils or a lot of chemicals because they might harm the mat.

Wipe the mat down gently with a moist, soft cloth or a non-abrasive sponge. Because cork's inherent characteristics repel water, this wiping-off method eliminates the extra water and prevents the mat's design from fading.

Hang the mat to dry once you've cleaned it clean. Roll it up with the top side (the cork side) on the outside once it has dried. It's designed to be rolled in this manner since it ensures that your mat rolls out flat every time you use it.

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